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 Lucky you dahling, you’ve stumbled upon the work of Carola Doll, my alter-ego. Enjoy.   Bio:  Carola Doll spends most of her time not existing, but when she’s around she likes to smoke menthol cigarettes and reminisce about the 60s while listening to her extensive record collection and lounging on her Eames.   Artist Statement:  Artist-grade wax crayon is used as a medium in order to tangibly symbolize childhood innocence and the insecurity of adulthood. A wide range of subject matter is presented in comical situations involving the absurd dolls and their plastic retro household. The purpose of these drawings isn’t to say Barbie is a good or bad role model. The intent is to use the dolls as symbols for the more depraved sides of humanity, with humor and a good dose of kitsch.    Follow Carola’s work on instagram  @carola_doll .