Artist Statement

Snow White cropped.jpg


The central theme in my work is the interplay between the Domestic and the Wild, which is central to my series on roadkill. Ten years ago I began bringing specimens found on local roads into my studio and creating still lifes with them. This evolved into including human figures sitting with the animals when I was studying French aristocratic portraiture. Instead of a little lap dog, the women in my paintings sit with deceased wildlife.

The inclusion of dolls and children’s toys in my still lifes are used to symbolize nostalgia and the infantile, as well as to complete the circle of life and death. This creates a tangible disparity between the two worlds -- Domestic and Wild-- and also serves as a means of finding humor in tragedy through the inherent absurdity of the comparison. With these combinations, the paintings began to fully symbolize the tension and growing distance between domestic civilization and our surrounding wild spaces.

All the paintings in this series of work, both Still Lifes and Portraiture, explore and question the role of wildlife in an increasingly industrialized society, and the place for them in what’s been now termed by some as a ‘Post-Natural Age’.